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Al Shaghairi Trad. & Cont. Co. WLL (Electra) is an MOI (Qatar) recognized and Licensed CCTV Designer and Installer in Qatar. We have highly skilled professionals who are experienced in CCTV design and implementation as per the MOI guidelines. Our solutions are strictly as per MOI but always fits the budget constraints of the Client.

With our ISO 9001 and MOI commitments we offer the finest technology tailored to suit the customer requirements in terms of quality, reliability, and price performance ratio. Our major specializations are in the following aspects of design, Engineering, and Commissioning,

a)      IP CCTV Design and installation As per MOI guidelines.

b)     Design Analog Systems for non MOI projects.

c)      Video Analytics for intrusion and fire detection.

d)     Customized ANPR system design and implementation.

e)      Service and Maintenance of CCTV systems.

f)       Configuration and redesign of existing Systems as per MOI guidelines

Our Partners:

Samsung, Dahua, Vicon, ACTI, HIK Vision, Howen

Our Partners

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