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Management Team

AL SHAGHAIRI TRADING & CONTRACTING CO. W.L.L. [ELECTRA] is a professional organisation dedicated to serve our clients with honesty, integrity and accountability. In the 15th year of our existence, we are conscious of our responsibility in transforming the organisation to make it truly world class, to ensure its continued long term success and growth.Our high ideals and collective youthful force give us the drive to handle advanced technology, and we have a very dynamic corporate culture.

We produce results within your timeline and to your specifications. Our main Quality principles are quality people, quality products, quality process and quality relationship.satisfaction through efficient management and excellent workmanship, which we continue to maintain with the untiring efforts of our management and employees. We recognize how important it is to find and recruit the best people for our business, but more crucially we also place a large emphasis on developing our employees skills and careers through various training programs.

Our unique work ethic brings out the very best in us, in short we build great people with a high level of experience and complementary skills to our clients providing the confidence to undertake the most complex challenges. This awareness has focused Electra on creating our project teams from within and keeping our professional staff working together on the same accounts. The reward is an amazing swiftness & consistency wherein every project is approached objectively with high service that will reflect the qualities, values and aspirations of our clients.

Our Partners

Our business partners come from all sectors, a wide range of countries and include companies of all sizes. We deal with the products of worlds finest producers of our product range.